The Magic Mountain invites you to a cultural walk along the Semmeringer Hochstraße.
Take your time and walk from the top of the pass past the Hotel Belvedere to the Hotel Panhans and the former Südbahnhotel. Under the project management of Mayor Horst Schröttner in cooperation with Mrs. Désirée Vasko-Juhász and Mr. Johann Payr, an impressive exhibition on the subject of villas in the Semmering region was created along the Semmeringer Hochstraße.
The lovingly designed showcases are a monument to the great Semmering architects such as Franz Ritter von Neumann and his brother Gustav, the K&K architects Fellner&Helmer, Alfred von Wildhack and Josef Bündsdorf. Numerous plans and views of the great masters are contemporary witnesses to the creation of the Semmering. Short portraits of the clients starting with the director Friedrich Julius von Schüler, the ski pioneer Viktor Silberer or even the hotelier family Panhans give a deeper insight into the history of the place.
Combine the walk along the Hochstrasse Museum with a lap around the Südbahnhotel. Nowhere can you better study the diverse styles of the Semmering villas than along the Villenstraße and around the Südbahnhotel. Here one encounters typical buildings in the character of the turn from strict historicism to late historicism to Art Nouveau.
The combination of unique cultural history, healthy mountain air and imposing views enchants visitors then as now. 

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